I like to explore a chosen project through constructed imagery. This entails making props and re-photographing them to incorporate into visual narratives. I'm all about the narrative. I take a topic that I've researched and spend quite a bit of time thinking about it before I ever make any work. Sometimes all that thinking gives me sleepless nights and I have to reach across and make small doodles in my sketchbook that are visualisations of a thought that has been quietly nagging away at me. It can take a month or a few years for a project to get underway. Most of my projects are connected to Queer identity as that is part of who I am and I think it is important to make work on themes that I have a tangible connection to.

At some point the research has been done to death and there is a flurry of activity; prop making, scouting out locations, perusing my sketchbook for oblique truths – always thinking, always looking for that elusive moment when thoughts and ideas and visualisations crash together and something small coalesces into something larger, more profound. Once I know I'm there I find the work comes together very quickly and a series of images are made. They might need tweaking; that one idea that completes the series may remain ellusive for a while - but it doesn't take long once I'm fired up on a project.
You can also follow the project's development on my Instagram page.

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